Come take a seat with up to 8 other poker players including friends, challengers, and even Hollywood stars. Here you can jump in and out of any open tables with set blind amounts. Are you new to poker and want to take it slow? Sit at a low-stakes table and get some help with our Hand Strength meter to guide you. If you feel like a pro, get on a high-stakes table and see who you can knock out. There is no entry fee, so you can move between different tables whenever you like.

Game Features:
  • Play Now button evaluates the player’s bankroll and places them at a comfortable table. New players are taken to the beginner tables for their first experience.
  • There are 6 stakes levels for players to choose from, ranging from a 200-chip buy-in to a 2 billion-chip buy-in for the exclusive Super Mega table for high rollers.

Play a round of survival poker in a 5-person sit-n-go table. Blinds increase every 5 minutes to keep the game progressing to an average 20-minute game. There is one entry fee for each player, and the winner takes home all the chips and a free pass to the next higher rounds. Winners of round 3 get a ticket to the Daily Shootout tournament.

Game Features:
  • 3 different rounds of Shootouts, with entry fees ranging from 10 thousand chips to 5 hundred thousand chips, and payouts ranging from 15 thousand chips to 1.5 million chips for each round.
  • Start in round one and try to win free admission to the next round, or pay the entrance fee to jump straight to round 3.

Face off against one other player in a quick shootout. With a onetime entry fee and faster blind levels, you can see who the better poker player is. When the smoke clears from the poker table, winner takes all.

Game Features:
  • 3 stakes levels for Shootouts, with entry fees ranging from 27.5 thousand chips to 52.5 million chips, and payouts ranging from 50 thousand chips to 100 million chips.
  • The blinds start at 10/20 chips and increase by 10 chips at short intervals, to help keep matches shorter.

Join in a three-tiered poker tournament with friends and many of our Hollywood celebrity stars. Players can purchase or be awarded a ticket ahead of time to redeem when tournament seating begins. Once the ticket is redeemed, the player is guaranteed a seat in the tournament. Players receive prizes for winning each table bracket and HUGE payouts on the final table. Come find out who’s the best.

Game Features:
  • Play with our Celebrities on the Tuesday and Saturday Shootout or play against other Mega Fame players in the Daily shootouts.
  • The tournaments have 3 rounds, beat the other players at your table to advance to the next round.