Sanjay Sabnani
Chairman & CEO


Sanjay Sabnani is a serial entrepreneur and business strategist with a long-standing passion for the Internet and Technology industry and online network community building. Sabnani has been an active proponent of message boards since 2002, when he acquired General Mayhem (, his first message board community.

Sabnani has occupied senior executive positions in several publicly held companies: as EVP Strategic Development at Hythiam, Inc. (HYTM), as Director of Business Development and Strategy at OSI Systems, Inc. (OSIS), and as President and Director at Venture Catalyst, Inc. (VCAT).

Sabnani achieved recognition as an expert at each company and its respective industry space, assisting in raising over $200 million in public equity financing for these companies. In addition, Sabnani has served as Chairman of the Board for two distinguished non-profits, Artwallah (arts festival) and TiE SoCAl (venture capital networking) and is also the founder of a California based charity EndDependence, which grants scholarships for addiction treatment.

Sanjay Sabnani is married with three daughters, all currently residing in Porter Ranch, California. Sabnani received his BA in English Literature from UCLA.

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